Strivesource is an expert in IT and Digital Procurement with market leading knowledge of the IT supply base and benchmarks.  Our Agile IT Procurement approach secures a faster speed to market for selection and contracting, improved quality & flexibility and more value out of your IT contracts and suppliers.

Strivesource can also help you and your teams master Agile contracting skills and get the best practices on Agile procurement and vendor management. We have developed Foundation and Expert training courses as well as comprehensive documentation covering key contract clauses examples, checklists and best practices.

Embrace the fast-paced and digital world by upgrading your capabilities and adopting future proof Agile ways of working.

Your need:  Agile Supplier selection, negotiation and contracting projects done by expert professionals.

Our promise: Proven expertise on supplier selection, contracting and vendor management in an Agile environment, therefore boosting speed, quality, flexibility and enhanced value.



Strivesource is offering a variety of services related to IT Procurement. Please see below for a full overview of our IT Procurement services. Contact us for a tailor made proposition for your needs.

Vendor and contract management
License Audit Claims
Strategic sourcing methodology
M&A Integration / Divestment