Within the Energy, Utilities and Oil & Gas industries, Strivesource’s ability to manage complex outsourcing projects and source new IT landscapes is highly valued. We recognise the complexity of regulations and health & safety requirements within these sectors and can translate this into effective contracts and solutions. Large asset-swap and M&A activity in the industry can be perfectly supported by Strivesource with our expertise on contract & technology optimisation. Strivesource can help shape the digital experience for your customers by advising and sourcing new technologies and suppliers.


Strivesource provides in depth advisory and sourcing capability for the Private Equity and Venture Capital sector. Both for digitalisation of your organisation and for due diligence activity in merger & acquisition projects. We focus on identifying cost savings potential for integration targets and post-acquisition integration to execute on economies of scale. Furthermore, Strivesource has vast experience in managing complex contract split programs for large divestments, minimising the cost impact and securing effective divestment.


Strivesource has vast experience in the Healthcare industry, specifically in sourcing complex Digital solutions to fit with your IT landscape. High regulatory requirements and exposure to cybersecurity and privacy risks demand niche procurement capabilities that Strivesource can offer. Furthermore, we can support with the move from on premise applications to the Cloud, better patient and customer engagement and scouting the supply market for future proof solutions and services.


In both the fast moving consumer goods, as well as the luxury retail product sector, Strivesource brings highly valued expertise on IT and Digital procurement. We have strong experience with sourcing eCommerce solutions, digital marketing, infrastructure and services outsourcing. Strivesource can drive cost optimisation programs that will have a direct impact on your operating cost or margin improvement. Furthermore, our experience in Software as a Service and Cloud will help you transition to more flexible and efficient IT landscapes.


Strivesource’s expertise with Global banks and Financial institutions will help you achieve higher cost savings, more efficient IT solutions and drive better customer engagement. We can procure the solutions that you need throughout your digital transformation journey. Strivesource has strong expertise in sourcing consumer and business banking solutions, payment solutions, supporting infrastructure and cybersecurity capabilities. On top of that, Strivesource can help you implement supplier governance and vendor management for your key IT suppliers.


With experience across several leading Technology and Telecom companies, Strivesource is best suited to support your digital transformation or optimisation of your current supply base. This can range from complex outsourcing programs to renegotiating existing software contracts. In these fast paced industries, Strivesource has developed specific capabilities to increase speed to market and to identify the niche solutions that can help your organisation win the battle for market share.