Strivesource understands the IT and Digital supply market like no other. We have experience with hundreds of IT suppliers, both the large global players as well as niche challengers. With in-depth knowledge about their commercial models, contract standards, financial construct, technology solutions and capabilities we can support you with maximizing value out of the relationships with your suppliers. We can negotiate for you or help your team prepare, optimize value out of your contracts and advise on supply base strategies.

Your need:  Expert knowledge on specific IT suppliers and their solutions to serve as input for your supplier selection, commercial negotiation or supplier relationship management.

Our promise:  Expert skills, benchmarks and knowledge of IT suppliers, contracts, commercials and technologies tailored to your situation. We promise more value out of your supply base.


Strivesource enables digital transformation by providing the latest key insights and in depth knowledge of the technology supply base. We help you achieve strategic breakthroughs by staying ahead of the latest trends. At Strivesource, we possess vast insights into supply base technology areas like AI, eCommerce, Cybersecurity, Cloud and many other areas. The unique combination of understanding the supply market, technology expertise and transformational capabilities enables Strivesource to provide value to your business that no other company can provide. Strivesource provides services fit to your organization, from tailored service packs at a fixed cost, to dedicated assignments. See below for a selection of suppliers we have experience with.

Your need:  Specific knowledge regarding a technology solution or portfolio and it’s supply base to enable optimal strategic landscape decisions.

Our promise:  Valuable new insights into technology supply base characteristics, key players and new challengers This will help you to further build and execute your technology strategy that fits best with your company objectives.


Our innovative service offering, Expertise as a Service, provides you with Expert Advisory when you need it. As a subscription you have access to our pool of expert resources at any time, for any questions. Expertise as a Service is the perfect solution to cover for your day-to-day questions relating to your IT supply base. With service levels to guarantee a response, Strivesource can enable you to get more value out of your suppliers and technologies. Our subscription can be easily combined with our Supplier or Solution Expertise packs for more dedicated advisory.

Your need: Ad-hoc Q&A and expert advice regarding your IT suppliers, contracts and solutions.

Our promise:  Guaranteed response to your questions and access to expert analysts, with global coverage. A fast and reliable service tailored to your challenges.